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Are you a journalist wanting to find out more about PWN Global and its work? Let us make things easy for you! We have an extensive directory of accomplished expert, media-ready speakers who are able to give interviews and opinion pieces on many topics relating to gender balanced leadership.

In addition to our great expert resource, we'd be happy to provide you with our complete press pack.


    28 April 2022 Language : English


    For a couple of years now hybrid working has been a powerful resource to navigate the pandemic. LinkedIn reports 90% of businesses are planning to allow their employees to work from home, at least some days per week. Implementing hybrid work models is now a priority, and it’s urgent to understand the possible opportunities and challenges.

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  • 3 tips to cope with stress (and why women are a step forward)

    28 March 2022 Language : English


    We’re going through a rough patch, for sure. We thought we were done with the Covid pandemic and now we see bombs raining on Ukraine, the destruction of entire cities and thousands of refugees fleeing through Europe. If this wasn’t enough already, food prices are now increasing and bills are spendier than ever.

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  • Amie Louie, PWN Global's VP Fundraising Chosen as Urban Queen

    21 February 2022 Language : English

    International renowned artist, Ramona Pintea collaborates with Women of Influence and Hotel Zena for the launch of the #WearYourCrown♥ Global Campaign - and we're delighted to announce that our very own Amie Louie, VP Fundraising for PWN Global and PWN Milan member, has been selected by Ramona as one of the 9 Urban Queens

    We're challenging, Inspiring, empowering, and elevating women, all over the world, to join this campaign and #WearYourCrown♥ to raise funds for women and girls’ issues. 

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  • Engaging Men Program - New workshops

    30 January 2022 Language : English

    Despite past efforts to advance gender equality, there are still many disadvantages, barriers and challenges for professional women in the workplace. The future of work post the COVID-19 pandemic and the developments in AI and technology point to these challenges becoming even more pronounced. This is a major issue for business and society.

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  • Announcing Women leaders – An Inspiring Interview Series For the Next Generation of Women

    7 December 2021 Language : English

    A project supported by the Center for International Private Enterprise and conducted by the Professional Women’s Network Romania


    The Professional Women’s Network Romania (PWN Romania) and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) are excited to announce new publication, “Women Leaders,” designed with the goal to inspire and encourage the next generation of women leaders.

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