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Without our committed volunteers, PWN Global would simply not exist. 

It's thanks to the dedicated support of over 300 of our members that we are able to offer events, programmes and resources that support you in realising your true potential and advancing gender balanced leadership. Read some of the stories to see how volunteering has helped our members to develop new skills, make real change in their organisations and achieve their career goals.

If you are already a top leader in your company, or want to experience what leadership at the top is like, we need your help!  The nature of volunteerism is transitory, so we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to get involved.


  • Unilever's CEO gives a lesson on what being an advocate quantifiably means at work

    Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever (ULVR.L), has been crowned the number one advocate executive for women at work in 2020.

    The 2020 HERoes Advocates list celebrates 50 senior leaders who are advocates for women in business and dedicated to creating a more diverse and inclusive business environment. These executives work within at least three levels of the chief executive at large companies, or are the leaders of smaller organisations. Read the full article here

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  • How Boards Can Plan for the Disasters That No One Wants to Think About

    It’s tempting to call the Covid-19 pandemic a black swan — an event so unexpected and devastating that companies could not have prepared for it. But experts have been predicting global pandemics for years, and in January 2020, the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report cited infectious diseases as a potential threat. Yet very few companies included a global pandemic in their highest risk categories.

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  • Women’s Success In The Business Of Wine And Spirits: A Case Study In Leadership

    "For the past few weeks I’ve been interviewing about one-half of the participants who recently completed the Women in Leadership (WIL) program at Columbia Business School. The full roster of participants included women from eighteen different industries but my focus was, of course, on women who work in wine and spirits, in this case for wholesalers."

    Read Cathy Huyghe's contribution in Forbes by clicking here



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  • How Big a Role Will Kamala Harris Get to Play?

    In 1984, days after Geraldine Ferraro accepted the nomination for vice president at the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, Walter Mondale and his campaign team called a planning meeting. There were flip charts and calendars and detailed itineraries.

    Read Alisha Haridasani Gupta's full article in the New York Times 'In Her Words' column

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  • Coronavirus: A Case Study In Women’s Effective Leadership

    As we look back on, chronicle, and interrogate the current pandemic for years to come, one thing will surely jump out: the undeniable value of having women in leadership roles. Read the full article in Forbes, here

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