PWN ISTANBUL Webinar - Employee Engagement in the New Era

02 July 2020 17:00 - 18:00 FREE WEBINAR
The world has an employee engagement crisis, with serious and potentially lasting repercussions for the global economy. After the Covid-19 Crisis, having engaged employees will become even more important as we find ourselves experiencing new working conditions with new considerations to be taken into account. It is clear that we need new ways so as to improve in this area rather than traditional methods.
If you have a team, or if you are a member of a team, you will greatly benefit from knowing the very latest strategies and systems for activating team members.  You will want to be aware of engagement solutions and practical ways to impact the culture of your team. 
I will talk about a group activation system that was developed from neuroscience, NLP, and the science of motivation.  A proven system that is based on human neurological motivators, core needs as well as consideration for the preferred ways of learning. And I will share tips that you can easily apply for getting quick results in the area of engagement.
Isik Serifsoy
Engage & Grow Global CEO

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02 July 2020
Employee Engagement in the New Era (by Isik Serifsoy)
17:00 - 18:00 Employee Engagement in the New Era


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