PWN Norway | From underrepresentation to an investment opportunity

24 February 2021 18:30 - 19:30 Online

Today 93% of venture capital in Europe goes to all male founding teams in the tech industry. For an industry that constantly is hunting down the best, innovative ideas and high performing teams - this is problematic as gender diversity is proven to be a key in order to capture both. Consequently, current market forces pose some unique opportunities in getting closer to innovations and businesses that are currently underestimated or overlooked by the investment community.

Thea Messel will share her analysis and views around this particular investment focus. Some of the questions that will be touched upon are:

  • How does the allocation of capital in the Nordics look today- through the lense of diversity?

  • What are the structural challenges identified and what are the unique investment opportunities that arise?

  • Why is balanced representation key when looking for new investment opportunities?

  • What happens when diversity is moved into the core of your sourcing and investment strategy?

  • Who are the frontrunners?

  • Is this Impact investing?

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  • Ms Thea Messel
    Founder Unconventional Ventures VIEW PROFILE

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