PWN Stockholm: Empower yourself to be the master of your life!

13 February 2020 18:00 - 21:00 Folkuniversitetet, Room 323

Do you know who you can be when you are in your full greatness? You certainly have a picture of yourself today. This picture is shaped by your proper beliefs and by the way how you speak and think about yourself.

How far is this picture of you away from who you want to be? Do you have an idea what you would need to get there? When you see others being successful or living a happy life, you often wonder how they got there. And you contemplate to ask them how they did it – you want advice for the quick fix, the shortcut to get the same result with minimal effort.

The workshop includes several introspective sessions where you will find out for yourself what you aspire to and create a picture of the positive and underlying negative aspects of this aspiration. You will get concrete insight into one of your strongest positive and negative beliefs and you will be empowered to take a conscious decision for new behaviors and attitudes.

The process gets you on your personal journey to your subconscious core, to discover and weaken your fears and blockages. You will get insights in how to find powerful resources that influence your life in a positive way and enable you to achieve your most ambitious goals.

About the speaker

Ulrike Seminati is a certified coach, author, and inspiring keynote speaker who has complemented her experience as a C-level executive with certified coaching and training methodologies to bring people potential to another level. She has developed effective face-to-face and online programs to enable people to step out of their shadow and to live fulfilled and truly happy lives. Her own methodology called SHINE combines the best tools and simulations of self-discovery with simple exercises to do at home in complete peace of mind. Ulrike believes in the unique power of authenticity and shows you paths so that your life can unfold in an incredibly positive way!

Culture program in cooperation with Folkuniversitetet


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Folkuniversitetet, Room 323
Kungstensgatan 45
113 59 Stockholm
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