Today, PWN GLOBAL starts an exciting journey to a new era in the advancement of women. So why does the name change really matter? Here are some thoughts from Federation Network Presidents and an PWN Global member with a truly global role:

alt"In an increasingly connected global world, the new normal is expatriates and a mobile workforce.  PWN Global is now where our members are working and where our partners are doing business.  Our European roots have grounded us with excellent PWN Global programs and best practices and it’s exciting to now share these with and learn from professionals in emerging markets in Asia, Middle East and the Americas.   

We’re grateful and proud of what our volunteer leaders have achieved before us, laying the foundation which allows us to evolve to PWN Global."  

 Marijo Bos, PWN Global’s President (2010 - Present)

alt"EPWN has come a long way from the embryonic network of European city clubs which joined forces in the eary 2000s to the 24 cities worldwide today. Women's professional progress has also come a long way in the past ten years, though much still needs to be achieved. In the past ten years, the focus has been on raising women's political savvy through mentoring, training and coaching. The next ten years need to be about men and women working together to make the world of work a more gender neutral place. A place where, in ten years time, the Gen Yers will wonder what all the fuss was about. May PWN Global be instrumental to helping make this happen!" 

Margaret Milan, Former EPWN Federation President, (2005-2007)

alt"When I founded EPWN the issue was empowering women's progress in business. Now, the urgency is building the management skills to lead gender balanced organisations and to connect with 100% of the talent and 100% of potential customers. This concerns every country, every company and every couple. I'm so proud that PWN Global has been so active and impactful in raising the volume - across the globe and across both genders! I
 love it! All my warmest wishes for a very successful expansion… always dreamed of going global. Glad to see you are all making it happen."

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, Former EPWN Federation President (Founder of EuropeanPWN, 2003)

PWN Amsterdam member Ingeborg Kuyvenhoven is thrilled that we are expanding our network to a global market. Having recently taken up a position based in Abu Dhabi, working as Legal & Business Services Director for TAQA's oil business in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Ingeborg sees real value in a global network.

"With PWN Global's new city network opening in Dubai, I am extremely happy to be able to continue to connect with this group of talented business women from various parts of the world and share our experiences. We all share the same vision of a brighter future for both men and women alike, we want to learn from each other, and together we are on a mission to advance. From the first meeting I attended in Amsterdam to the recent conversations with PWN Global Federation leaders, PWN Global has inspired me by its enthusiastic and professional approach to D&I. It has helped me to continue my efforts of putting this topic on the agenda in my workplace. There is a great sense of belonging in the network, and it is wonderful that now more women can reap the benefits of its membership."